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10 Breathtaking Locations That Will Make You Fall In Love With Fall

Photo by Romolo Tavani at Shutterstock

Is there anything more stunning than walking through nature in the fall? Temperatures have cooled down, the foliage is lovely, and the summer crowds have usually dwindled.

Whether you’re on the East Coast and have New England or upstate New York, or you’re on the West Coast by the Pacific Northwest, or even if you’re in the Southern part of the country, you’ll find spectacular displays of color and natural beauty.

That’s precisely why the autumn months are perfect for doing a little bit of traveling to a place that allows you to take full advantage of natural beauty.

It’s easy to spend a day or weekend snapping shots of fall in its glory, jumping in leaves, picking apples, and drinking hot apple cider. Read on for 10 places across the US that are perfect for your next fall getaway.

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