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Do You Want to Visit a Picturesque Town in Florida? Here Are 9 Fantastic Picks!

Florida sunset.
Photo by ALBERTO GV –

With more than 80 million tourists flooding Florida on a yearly basis, it should come as no surprise that the state has some hidden gems for everyone. Sure, most visitors flock around endless Miami beaches or the theme parks of Orlando, but The Sunshine State has a lot more to offer.

Today we decided to highlight something different from the tried and tested Floridian vacation destinations. Instead, we wanted to focus on 9 picturesque villages you should visit instead!

Whether you’re planning a vacation years down the line or not, we also want to remind you to keep travel restrictions in mind and follow the CDC guidelines in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic! Until then, let’s look at why we think these 9 towns and villages should make it on your travel itinerary!

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