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12 American Ruins And Their Incredible Stories

Photo by EWY Media at Shutterstock

What Ruins?

Many places on our planet are well known for the ruins of ancient civilizations. While the US isn’t one of them… shouldn’t it be? For such a relatively young nation, our country has seen its fair share of historical cycles. Our architecture rarely goes back further than the 19th century, but there are rock carvings, wall paintings, and impeccably conserved pre-Columbian ruins all around the country.

In fact, America’s history way before 1776. When thinking about ancient ruins, where does your mind wander? The Parthenon in Greece? The Nazca Lines in Peru? You should be thinking no further than the US itself because significant numbers of ancient archeological sites are scattered across this country.

Some are enormous or incredibly complex, and some are even incredibly old. Let’s take a look at 12 Ruins in America and find out the stories behind them…Did YOU know about number 9?

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