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Svarga Loka, Bali: Just for Wellness and Traveling Lovers

The ancient Hindu narrative, the Mahabharata, describes Svarga Loka as the ‘good kingdom’ or a heavenly paradise for the gods. Catering to the discerning needs of wellness travellers, the retreat provides a sacred place to reflect and rejuvenate. With various programs and bespoke monthly themes, it’s an idyllic venue for groups on a pursuit of wellness.

Experience luxury accommodation and a range of activities including yoga, meditation, health workshops and spa therapies. Led by health and wellness specialists, Svarga Loka not only offers a tranquil sanctuary but also provides its guests invaluable skills and knowledge to continue their holistic transformation journey long after their stay.

What’s included: seven nights’ accommodation, full board, return private transfers, a wellness program, spa treatments, and complementary activities including morning walks, yoga and marital arts.

We love: with key emphasis on their rejuvenation programs, Svarga Loka offers wellness services to comply with any wellness concerns, from healing, detoxing, yoga and relaxation.

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