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Phuket Cleanse, Thailand: Fitness Activities & Fun

Going to Phuket Cleanse is like coming home to family. Whether travelling with a group, a partner or by yourself, you’ll find a friend in each staff and guest you meet. A sense of tribe shines through the group fitness activities, offering a fun and supportive environment. When it’s time for recovery in the ice bath and sauna, you’ll find yourself sharing stories and laughs with seemingly long-lost pals. With a shared dining hall offering a place of community and a vibrant tasty feast, the saying ‘good food is all the better when shared with good friends’ couldn’t be more fitting. Enjoy a beach chill-out as the sun sets and, at night, gather around for meditation sessions to nurture the body, mind and soul.

Phuket Cleanse

What’s included: seven nights’ accommodation, an eight-day all-inclusive program, shared transfers, daily ice bath, herbal steam sauna, unlimited vegan protein drinks and juices, local excursions, VIP (one-on-one) Muay Thai or yoga session, complementary green laundry service and four full-body evening massages.

We love: the contagious positive energy at the retreat – you’re bound to return home feeling happier, content and more energised than ever.

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