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Amsterdam is alive, and it provides every visitor and every local with a place to call home. Though the city appears quite large, it is actually made up of a number of small villages, each characterised by warmth and authenticity. There’s everything from die upper class southern part of the city’ to the typical Amsterdam-style conviviality in De Pijp, and from die exotic scents of the Dappermarkt, to die city centre’s hip clubs. The monumental architecture found in the city centre, the modern architecture of the KNSM islands and die great number of museums offer the culture aficionado plenty to enjoy. Amsterdam is famous for its world-class museums and art galleries, fabulously quirky’ shopping and all kinds of entertaining delights, but on a bright, sunny day the best place to be is outside.AMSTERDAM

Amsterdam has die largest and oldest city centre in the world that is still completely intact. Nowhere in die world are there so many 300-year-old buildings together in one place. This makes the metropolis of Amsterdam a unique city in die world.

The canal houses, which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2010, have inspired many architects all over die world. Amsterdam’s city centre is bustling 24 hours a day. Here you can find die best restaurants, die coolest clubs, die best concerts, the liveliest bars, the most beautiful theatres and historical museums. And even the canals themselves, such as die Prinsengracht, are teeming with life. Everyone in the city has a boat or knows someone who does. Amsterdam attracts 4.3 million visitors a year from home and abroad.

All the beautiful places in die city are within walking distance of each other. The small streets of de Jordaan and die red light district in die centre are lull of fantastic and unique shops. De Pijp is a beautiful old neighbourhood which is now so popular that everyone wants to live or go out here. The Oud-Zuid area is famous for its wide range of luxury shops and museums where the masterworks of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer hang side by side. Oud-Zuid is separated from die Oud-West area by the beautiful Vondelpark. Every Amsterdammer is very attached to this park. Some come here to exercise, while others sunbathe or enjoy a concert in the open air theatre.

Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands

More and more people are moving from downtown to Oost because there is so much going on there. In the outer neighbourhoods you can find very cheap and cheerful markets. Each area within die ring of Amsterdam is well worth visiting. Amsterdam has so many stories. Noord also has a unique look with its combination of old streets built on dikes and large residential neighbourhoods. Amsterdam Noord (North) is increasingly becoming more involved with the rest of the city. It is being built on the banks of the IJ and whole new neighbourhoods and entertainment areas are emerging that will soon be easily visited from die centre of the city via the Noord/Zuid metro line. In short, Amsterdam is in full bloom and it appears that it will only continue to grow.

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