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Top 5 Places to See Incredible Fall Foliage in the US

Fall Foliage
Photo by Smileus at Shutterstock

Leave summer behind and experience America’s fall foliage!

There’s something enchanting about watching nature transition from one season to the next. And that transition from summer greens to the vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds of fall is incredibly stunning. There’s no other time of year that’s quite like Autumn.

Brisk, nippy mornings give way to afternoons warmed by the sun, and the drop in temperature causes leaves to change from shades of green to a myriad of warm colors before the winter season sets in. Fall foliage reminds us that change is coming.

And while it doesn’t last very long, there’s no season quite as colorful. Peak fall foliage season varies by region and year, depending on the climate, so we recommend checking local weather before you go.

Some of these locations will be familiar, while others are lesser-known spots where you can capture and embrace fall’s beauty.

And while New England might be best known for its fall foliage, there are small towns all over our country that showcase their Autumn best year after year. So, pack a jacket, and grab your camera for one of nature’s most spectacular spectacles.

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