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5 Best Northern Route Road Trips to Escape the Summer Heat

Northern Route Road Trip
Photo by Monkey Business Images at Shutterstock

Northern Route Road Trips Are This Summer’s Way To Go!

A cross-country northern route road trip through the US is the kind of experience every adventurer should try at least once in their life.

With unique national parks, stunning beaches, locally inspired eateries, and fun roadside attractions, there’s enough to keep you exploring for a lifetime. But when’s the best time to go on a road trip? And what are the best routes you can take?

Well, now that summer has arrived, those high temperatures will have us running for the…mountains! And this is the perfect opportunity to pack up and head out on an adventure-filled road trip.

Our chosen route hangs in the northern part of our country, so you can avoid boiling in the sun. The main route we chose will be on US Highway 2, a.k.a. the Great Northern Road, spanning over 2,500 miles.​

The best part? There’s no exact science to it. Simply begin your journey from whichever coast you want and immerse yourself in all that this northern route road trip has to offer. Ready, set…click “next” to see all the unique stops along this route!

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1 thought on “5 Best Northern Route Road Trips to Escape the Summer Heat”

  1. Shannon Hunter

    Hey 2 from Duluth Mn to the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan is a must travel so many quaint small town on the north shores of the Great Lakes swim in Lake Superior lake heron and Lake Michigan all on the same trip stay at lakeside hotels dabble in small
    Town hospitality and home cooking. The vast deer along the roadside with so many sites

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