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Wyoming’s 5 Most Gorgeous Mountain Towns

Photo by f11photo at Shutterstock

Jackson Hole

If this happens to be your first visit to this Wyoming mountain town, you’re in for a treat! The charming area is home to a beautiful and welcoming Town Square. During the Holiday Season, it even lights up with the spirit of Christmas.

Yellowstone, the US’s first national park, is an easy 90-minute drive from this mountain town. And you’re likely to see elk, bison, pronghorn, and perhaps even some majestic moose on your drive.

The one downside is that Yellowstone can be a nightmarish pool of people and traffic during the summer, but the jams have primarily disappeared by September.

And if you visit Wyoming during fall, not only will the summer tourists have thinned out, but you’ll get a glimpse of the trees starting to change their colors for fall, making for some picturesque views.

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