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8 Warm-Water Beaches for Those Who Hate Cold Lakes

Warm-Water Beach
Photo by Debbie Ann Powell at Shutterstock

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Negril has some of the best warm-water beaches in the Caribbean, ranging between 80 and 84 degrees all throughout the year. The calm ripples will gently trickle at your feet as you travel from the sprawling white sands to the turquoise sea.

Who’s This Warm-Water Beach For: Anyone! Whether you’re looking for some R&R, nightlife, or even family-friendly activities.

Things To Do: Wandering on the pristine sand and swimming in the calm water are at the top of our list. But remember to also savor some authentic Jamaican grub at local restaurants, which are dotted all along the shore.

Where to stay: Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is a wonderful all-inclusive option. You’ll have everything included: from food and drinks to activities. You’ll be able to kick back and fully enjoy the island vibes.

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1 thought on “8 Warm-Water Beaches for Those Who Hate Cold Lakes”

  1. Guam isn’t on the “LIST”? 76 to 88 degrees all year. I “suffered” a rare 73 degree night and thought I was going to freeze.

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