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Is It Safe to Travel This Holiday Season? Here’s What You Should Know!

Photo by klenova from Envato Elements

The holiday season 2020 is fast approaching, and some of us may wonder if it’s safe to travel during holidays amid the coronavirus pandemic. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, this period of time has always been the most crowded one; however, this year is like no other, so what should we do?

Celebrate holidays in the comfort of our homes or check our favorite destination spot? Well… considering that the number of COVID-19 cases doesn’t seem to stop very soon, it would be a smart move to stay home.

However, American Airlines are actually expecting a huge increase in flights this holiday season. So, even if health authorities continue to advise people to avoid social gatherings as much as possible, it appears that most of us are eager to travel this holiday season.

With that in mind, let’s find out together how safe it is to travel right now.

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