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10 Relaxing Resorts in Mexico That Offer Good Times and Stunning Views

Relaxing Resorts In Mexico
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Amansala Yoga and Wellness Resort

Amansala offers a more budget-friendly wellness option to stay on an immaculate white sandy beach in Tulum. While here, you can join “Bikini Bootcamp” or “Beach n Bliss,” which includes daily massages, yoga, healthy meals, and the “Must-See Places” of Tulum.

Want to find appreciation for the “little things?” The “Restore and Renew” program might be for YOU! It’s focused on movement, nature therapy, mindfulness, and community.

It includes a farm-to-table restaurant with a waterfront terrace, yoga studios, a spa, and a beachfront pool. And you can even loan bikes to explore the area.

Sanara Resort

As one of the most relaxing resorts in Mexico, Sanara offers an eco-retreat with its name translating to “you will heal” in Spanish. A top-notch yoga studio and a sensational Wellness Center are focused on traditional Mayan healing principles.

Their Mayan therapies are held by local experts whose lineages have been practicing the treatments for centuries. If you’re wondering about a few of the other options you’ll find here, know that you won’t be disappointed!

Services include Breathe Massages, hot stone massage, Reiki, and Clay and Mud detox therapy. You can also take advantage of weekly sound healing sessions, a delicious gluten-free, vegan-friendly menu, many adaptogen drinks, and many other things.

If you decide to head out to any of these relaxing resorts in Mexico, be sure you don’t forget your sunscreen! We especially love the EltaMD UV Sunscreen from Amazon!

Have you been to any of these relaxing resorts in Mexico? If so, be sure to let our readers know about your experiences!

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