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Into The Great White Open

To feel like you’ve really left it all behind, try harnessing a bunch of huskies to a sled and sprint for the horizon. And honestly, what better travel companion could you have than a dog (or 12 of them)? Get ready to grab the reins and become a pack leader here are a few of the best dogsledding excursions out there. Mush!

  1. GREENLAND – Eighty percent of the world’s largest island is covered by ice. The severity of the landscape has helped shape one of the heartiest cultures on Earth, something you’ll come to appreciate on a dogsledding trek through notoriously icy Nordic country. Tours last between an afternoon and a week, and sometimes longer. On Greenland Tours’ eight-day package you’ll sleep in local huts.
  1. CANADA – Many claim dogsledding was born in Canada, practiced by forerunners of the Inuit people who used sleds to traverse the unforgiving landscape Today, the country hosts a number of dogsledding tours. Blackcomb Dogsled near Mount Whistler offers trips through the Callaghan Valley. For an even more remote experience. Snowy Owl Tours near Banff has overnight stays.
  1. SWEDEN – For the ultimate dogsled experience, head to Sweden, where Nature Travels offers epic week-long trips into the Arctic Circle with pit stops at traditional wood-fired saunas. Kiruna Sleddog Tours has less intense overnight trips for basking in the glow of the aurora borealis while camping in a classic tent from Lapland. It also leads seven-day tours through Sweden’s sprawling national parks.

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