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The Best Places For Backcountry Snowshoeing

Imagine trekking through the freshly fallen snow on a tree-filled mountainside, with nothing but the sound of your own breathing to keep you company. Look behind and see only your footprints, and ahead none at all. A backcountry snowshoeing romp can bring that fantasy to reality.

FRENCH ALPS – France has one of the most renowned snowshoeing cultures in the world. A trek through the unspoiled forests and frozen lakes of the French Alps is an ideal way to start. Guides de Chamonix offers five-day treks through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The company also has a four-day trek along the border with Switzerland, in the shadow of legendary Mont Blanc.

NAGANO, JAPAN – Japan has become popular with snowshoers over the last several years, with opportunities to enjoy the country’s majestic mountain ranges while learning about Japanese culture in villages that have thrived in tough conditions for centuries. Walk Japan organizes seven-day treks through the mountains surrounding Nagano, with stops at traditional Japanese hot springs.

Nagano, Japan
Nagano, Japan

 MONTANA – You don’t have to travel the world to find world-class adventure. Montana hosts some amazing snowshoeing, situated on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains with both Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks inside its borders. Bozeman is a perfect hub, with plentiful cabin rentals, dozens of trails to try out during the day, and local breweries to keep you busy at night.

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