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4 Popular Attractions that Aren’t Worth the Buzz

Popular Attraction
Photo by f11photo at Shutterstock

Popular Attraction: Italy- The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is another case where you shouldn’t let the picture above fool you. The reality is a bit different. First of all, the tower itself isn’t that big of a big deal. Many buildings you’ll find around it will be much more impressive.

And another huge downfall is that you won’t get a clear view of it while there due to the hundreds of other people trying to get that cliched shot of “holding up/knocking over the tower.”

So if you want to be included in one of those pics, you’re probably better off just using photoshop! Now, on the other hand, only a four-hour drive away from Pisa is the beloved and ancient city of Rome, with its renowned ancient architecture and deep-rooted history.

While there, you can step back in time and check out the Colosseum, the Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica, and many other historic sites. Just steer clear of the Trevi Fountain…it’s a little overcrowded.

Do you have your own experience with overcrowded popular attractions? Make sure to write about them in the comments so that our readers can learn about what to avoid!

And since we’ve probably bummed you out with all this negative talk about popular attractions, let’s get back to our normally scheduled stunning places! Check this out: 8 Beautiful AND Low-Cost Holiday Destinations in the US

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