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7 Breathtaking Small Towns to Visit in Winter

Small Town
Photo by f11photo at Shutterstock

Picture yourself spending your winter in a small town…

Even though it might be tempting to hole up and hide out during the coldest months of the year, there’s a lot to love about winter if you’re willing to embrace a few chilly temperatures.

There’s something special about the magic of a small town during winter that warms the soul.

Small towns can offer the perfect escape from the winter blues, whether you’re strolling along a snow-dusted main street beneath shimmering holiday lights or cozying up by a fireplace with hot chocolate after a fun day in the snow.

We searched and found the best small towns to see this winter to help you plan your next getaway. So bundle up and dig out your snowshoes. These 7 charming winter getaways will cure even the nastiest cases of seasonal affective disorder.

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