Europe: 5 Stunning Low-Cost Vacations You Can Take TODAY

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People have preconceived notions about this Eastern European country. Only when they visit do they realize that it’s simply incredible. Like the way it inspired Bram Stoker, the spectacular Transylvanian region has lots for you to sink your teeth into!

You’ll be greeted by ancient fortified churches, charming medieval towns, and the awe-inspiring Carpathian mountain range. It’s ideal as a spring or summer destination but equally captivating in the wintertime, with budget-friendly ski resorts and snow-capped castles.

You can find adorable little Bed and Breakfasts starting at about $30 a night. And if you’re a history lover, be sure to check out Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament, which holds the title of the world’s largest administrative building.

Indoor tours of the property are available at around $10. And because this country remains a relatively under-the-radar destination, crowds won’t be a significant issue.

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