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Hong Kong’s Hidden Coffee Spots

18 Grams Specialty Coffee – 18 GRAMS is Hong Kong’s premier espresso cafe with 8 branches in Hong Kong. They defines coffee 18 grams per cup so the named of coffee shop will be “18 Grams Specialty Coffee”. 18 Grams or Roastery Lab Blend is a new location in Wan Chai that you should try something new with coffee beans, roasting techniques and even coffee recipes. It was created for the opening of the shop and a new blend for our customer to experience. The 18 grams signature is “Nutella Cafe Latte”(HK$58), the latte blended with Nutella and blend until smooth. Finish by making Latte Art in the top of cup.

The Coffee Academics – The Coffee Academics, one of Hong Kong’s favorite coffee roasting companies, opened its second location in Wanchai. The new shop serves the same great coffee, snacks and homemade cake with outdoor seating on stools. The signature is “Manuka Coffee” (HK$55) which is coffee mixed with Manuka honey from New Zealand that helping you to refresh yourself. In the coffee academics serves special different coffee in each months and they actually used the devices we known as cold drip makers.

The Coffee Academics
The Coffee Academics

Elephant Grounds @ Woan – Noho’s freshest hipster hotspot, the WOAW concept store, has just expanded to include a coffee counter at the back. Locally-sourced ingredients and fine Brazilian and Sumatran java are the go at this polished yet chilled coffee bar. Locally roasted coffee, Asian comfort food, house baked pastries, and home of the best ice cream sandwiches in Hong Kong. The Flat White Coffee (HK$40) is signature of Elephant Grounds, prepared by pouring micro-foam (steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher) over a single or double shot of espresso.

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