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Parisian Macao – An Unexplored Romantic Daydream

If you have to guess which entertainment complex is The Parisian Macao out of all of the entertainment complexes on Macao, you would have guessed it right in the first attempt. Inspired by the magical “La Ville Lumiere” or the “City of Lights,” the iconic half-scale replica of the famous Eiffel Tower, with a restaurant and observation decks, sitting majestically at the complex’s entrance easily gives away the location of The Parisian Macao. The integrated resort complex boasts an overwhelming sense of “joy of living” or what the French calls the “joie de vivre” in every corner. The Parisian Macao offers 3,000 conbecome-part-of-paristemporary French rooms and suites with Eiffle Tower views in more than a third of them. Its full array of integrated resort facilities includes ample meeting space, exceptional French and Chinese restaurant, as well as myriad of eateries and food kiosks, and plenty of entertainment for adults and families with children.

In addition to all world-class facilities the Shoppes at Parisian is a truly unique mall where you can immerse yourself in the Parisian atmosphere as you stroll down the Champs Elysees, past Place Vendome, and discover more than 150 luxury boutiques in exclusive and elegant setting reminiscent of Paris’ famed Champs Elysees. Eiffel Tower – In the heart of Paris, the most romantic city in the world, stands the majestic Eiffel Tower, but you don’t have to be in France to experience the romance and elegance of Paris! The 2:1 replicated Eiffle Tower of the Parisian towers above the famous Cotai Strip, and invites visitors to gasp stunning panoramas of Macao from the observation deck on 37th floor.

The iconic tower also houses The Parisian’s signature French restaurant, La Chine, for that romantic dining experience on top of the Eiffel Tower. As night falls, this little piece of Paris really comes to life with an explosion of color, dancing from the base to the top, casting a romantic glow over the hotel as it goes. For a truly personalized romantic experience, the tower can spell out your love notes to that special someone too! Entertainment at its Best – It could be said that when it comes to entertainment. Macao does it best! At The Parisian Macao, you will be able to experience world class theatrical and entertainment shows in the state-of-art Parisian Theatre which can cater over 1,000 guests. Fusing classical design with cutting-edge acoustic and lighting technology.

The Parisian Macao

The Parisian Theatre delivers unparalleled visual and sound experience to every guest. This is where you could get an intimate encounter with your favourite stars or enjoy the very best of global entertainment. Fun performances aren’t just limited within the theatre at The Parisian. The Parisian Streetmosphere let you immerse yourself in the colourful and energetic street performance with an eclectic mix of street artists, heart-warming comedic performances by a troupe of mimes and high-kicking cancan dancers. A Taste of The Parisian Macao – Since you are in The Parisian Macao, you undoubtedly will find some of the best of French and Chinese cuisines here.

As introduced before, the Eiffel Tower is home to the hotel’s signature French restaurant – La Chine – and that’s the first big check for spectacular views of the Cotai Strip. The restaurant offers you a vibrant and chic dining experience with creative dishes that fuses regional Chinese favorites with the French Joie de vivre. Simply follow chef’s recommendations like the succulent Roasted Duckling a I’ Orange or the Pan-seared Foie Gras with sugar-cured red dates, then finish off with creative Parisian desserts like Caramelized Pineapple Tart Tatin or the Red bean crepes with green tea ice cream.

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