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Spain – Cultural Scenery And Fiestas All The Way

From Navarre to Seville from Valencia to the Canary Islands, the zest for festivity is spread all around the country, far and wide. Here’s a guide through Spain’s burgeoning cultural scene and the raucous local festivals every avid traveller should bookmark…

From throwing tomatoes at one another to running with the bulls. A day-long wine fight to celebrating seafood and partying around bonfires. Spain hosts some of the most out-of-the ordinary festivals, around the year. Arrive. Celebrate. And then leave with memories that’ll last a lifetime.

In many ways, a festival is the ultimate holiday. A life-changing experience, crammed into a few days, which transforms you from a jaded, itinerary-bound commuter into a free spirit, opening your mind through art, music, performance, food and culture. This is what travel is all about, after all. And when you come to a destination as diverse, exciting and stunning as Spain, with fiestas steeped in tradition, history and meaning, you know you’re in for a real treat – the very embodiment of viva la vida, if you may. Here is a peek inside some of the fiestas you can indulge in, but there are many more to explore as well.

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