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World-Class Service In The Indian Skies

Vistara, a joint venture between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, effortlessly weaves the best of international services into the fabric of Indian hospitality on its flights.

Flying is technical, but when you’re on-board an airplane, it’s all about comfort. Recognising this, Vistara – a collaboration between the globally renowned Singapore Airlines and India’s Tata Group – has combined superior standards of efficiency with Indian hospitality to deliver the highest quality of service to its customers. And the face of this winning combination is none other than Vistara’s cabin crew.

The name, Vistara, is drawn from the Sanskrit word ‘vistaar’, which means limitless expanse, it reflects the belief that there’s no limit to anything that’s set out to be achieved

Interestingly, only one out of 10 girls who interview are selected for the job. There’s fierce competition, and standards are high. After being hired, they are required to undergo a four-month training programme where a team of 17 instructors hone them into custodians of the Vistara brand-people who you can depend on and turn to when you’re 35,000 ft above ground level.
Just like staff at luxury hotels are trained to anticipate a guest’s every need, Vistara’s cabin crew have their hospitality skills polished, so that they can intuitively attend to your needs. These can be simple yet thoughtful actions such as covering a sleeping customer with a blanket, or switching on a reading light when you’re engrossed in a magazine.


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