Paris – The Capital of Romance

The undisputed romantic capital of the world, Paris weaves its magic on its visitors. From eager honeymooners to those wanting to celebrate a perfect romance, Paris creates just the right ambience for a holiday for two.

Romancing the Seine

A beautiful view of Seine

The heart of Paris – its river Seine is often a perfect venue for a romantic rendezvous. Its famous banks have often been the favourite hunting ground for couples wanting to take long cozy walks discovering the city and its monuments. To make an evening special, opt for a romantic dinner cruise where the ambience is just right for a proposal or a special date. Violins, champagne and fine gourmet French cuisine lend perfect touches to a romantic night out on the Seine!

A Vintage Ride to Remember

A carriage waiting a ride on Champs des Mars

Add a touch of the vintage to your holiday for two in Paris. Invite your special someone on a leisurely 30 minute horse-drawn carriage ride on the Champs des Mars, next to the Eiffel Tower. With rides available in summer, make the outing extra special with a bottle of champagne!

Saying “I Love You” the Parisian Way

A proposal in Paris

Propose in style while in Paris! Take on a guided tour of the city and propose to your special someone in front of a monument of your choice. Celebrations follow with glasses of champagne and a selection of delicious macaroons! A guide creates picture-perfect memories through photographs of the couple!

Amorous in Paris

Mur des je T’Aime (The Wall of Love) – Paris

On a pleasant evening, head over to the Rue de la Roquette which teems with trendy art galleries, bars and restaurants appealing to a young crowd or the Marais district which is equally populated with its shares of bars and cafes. Bohemian Montmartre invites you for a rendezvous with its quaint winding streets where it is not unusual to find artists painting at a corner. Indulge in a self portrait or visit the famous Mur des Je T’Aime that has “I Love You” written in 280 languages. Stop by at the nearby Musee de la Vie Romantique that houses several romantic canvases, objet d’art and sculptures.

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  • A panoramic meal for two at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower, the Maison Blanche or Les Ombres or a romantic meal for 2 by the fireside at Le Coupe-Chou in the Latin Quarter.

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