ITC Mughal: Power Symbols, Incredible Architecture And Luxury All In One

TOP DRAW: Recreation is the name of the game of ITC Mughal; keep active with rounds of tennis, croquet, badminton or jogging at the comprehensive fitness facility or take it easy with a stroll around the nature trail or butterfly zone. For a bigger slice of adventure, drive an ATV around the specially-built dirt track or ride a six-seater tandem bicycle with friends to explore the sprawling grounds. Games of chess, billiards or air hockey before a nightcap at Maikhana, a swanky bar serving the finest beverages and snacks, can also be enjoyed at the well-appointed lounge.

NEARBY: Much as a big part of the destination has made way for the new and the shiny, Agra continues to exude rich old-world charm and maintain excellent preservation of the myriad historic sites, making it an unmissable spot on every sightseer’s list. Aside from checking out the distinguished must-sees, uncover more archaic secrets at Jama Masjid and the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah or chalk up some good karma by volunteering at the bear and elephant rescue facility Wildlife SOS.


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