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Come To See The Amazing Italian Tower

With, more than 100 towers shooting up from its narrow streets, Bologna was a medieval Manhattan Today, the skyline’s more York than New York, but a few towers still stand, including the Medieval Torre Prendiparte. Once the stronghold of a noble family, now anyone can set up fort in the tower – all 60 metres and 12 storeys of it – for a far-from-princely sum.

 Medieval Torre Prendiparte
Medieval Torre Prendiparte

Guests have the run of a three-floor suite and are welcomed with a guided tour. Climbing up via former prison cells inscribed with messages, they emerge onto the panoramic terrace for a drink overlooking the terracotta city. Morning means heading back down to earth to explore Bologna, under your own steam or on one of the tower’s weekend packages, such as the Art and Cuisine tour of its historic riches and culinary specialities.

  • ARRIVE – Easyjet, Eurowings and Ryanair fly to Bologna from UK cities.

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