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The Indian Lifestyle Will Make You Feel Special

With more than half a million people of Indian origin living in London, it’s possible to taste the entire subcontinent without ever leaving the UK. On Shared City’s Tour & Thali, local guide Nidhi introduces the Gujarati community along Wembley’s Baling Road, visiting an intricately carved Hindu temple as well as sari and spice shops. Stops for street food and a thali meal are included. Get a double helping of Indian cuisine by spending the next day with home chef Monisha, who in nearby Hounslow teaches cookery classes ranging from South Indian vegetarian dishes to mastering the art of a good dosa.

Wembley Central Shopping Centre
Wembley Central Shopping Centre
  • ARRIVE – Wembley Central and Hounslow West are the nearest stations for the tour and cooking class. Both connect to London’s major stations and airports.
  • STAY – Brook Green Hotel is less than half an hour by tube from Hounslow West.


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