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Flavors of the World, Bali

Four restaurants that boast authentic cuisine from four different countries …

Have a craving for some flavorful dishes from across the world? The following restaurants will not only please your palate with their delectable dishes, but also let you indulge in a unique dining experience that will transport you from the tropical island of Bali on a culinary journey to India, Japan, Mexico and Ireland.

Indian Mantraspice-mantra

Adding a warm energy to Kuta’s bustling vibe, Spice Mantra stands in front of the Discovery Mall Kuta, which makes it easy to spot especially with their eccentric colors, bohemian interior design and the written slogan “Inspirational Indian Cuisine.” As soon as we walked in the aroma of spices greeted us, but it was the menu that we found most interesting. The menu was quite thick, more like an Indian food Bible that explains what Indian food consists of – spices, herbs, coconut milk, and other ingredients that make each dish tasty and colorful.

Our culinary journey started With a Masala Tea. The mix of cinnamon, milk, tea, oil and other spices that are blended in the ceramic cup warmed us up, and the smell was totally relaxing. Another recommended drink is the Cucumber and Mint Tumblr, as the freshness of the rosemary and cucumber neutralize the spices so you can enjoy the dishes without feeling too full. For our starter we decided to have the Maharaja’s Salad and Dahi Tiki – which both contain yoghurt that becomes the dressing in the first dish and a filling in the second.

The Dahi Tiki is quite interesting as the yoghurt must be put in plastic first, and then hung for quite some time to make it thick enough to be filled in the deep-fried semolina.

Dahi Tiki

A little tip is to take a bite while they are piping hot and taste the sensational yoghurt that is almost like cream cheese that melts in your mouth. Meanwhile, The Maharaja’s Salad has a nice combination of potato, pomegranate, sprouts, chutney and yoghurt. Goodness Golgapa is another appetizer that is worth trying, as it consists of crisp bite-size puri (deep-fried Indian bread) filled with potato, sprouts and tamarind chutney. Each of the puri has a hole that you can fill with Jaljeera flavored water – Jaljeera is Indian cumin water that is usually served cold in the summer or warm in winter to help soothe a sore throat. The Jaljeera has a spicy sensation that had us wide-awake aswe munched on the puri.

Then it was time for the main course; the Chicken Tikka and Andhra Fish Pulusu. The Punjabi-style boneless Chicken Tikka is authentically cooked in a clay oven, and the fragrance of the tomato is as strong as the density level of the creamy sauce. Meanwhile, the fish dish came in Southern Indian style with coconut milk and red sauce. But our favorite is the Garlic Naan Bread – dip it into the Chicken Tikka sauce or the Andhra Fish sauce, and we definitely can have it every day!

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