Book a luxury stay, minus the price tag

Think it’s impossible to stay in the lap of luxury for the price of a budget hotel? Think again. Club together with a group of friends or family on a designer villa or homestay, and your strength in numbers can get you access to extraordinary properties at ordinary night rates. Better still, if you’re bringing the kids you’ll be able to share the child-minding duties and make the most of your stay.

Get winter sun with a short-haul flight

Marrakech – Morocco

If you’ve ever wished summer never ended – and god knows, we do – there’s one sure-fire way to get what you want: follow summer around the world. That, of course, is easier said than done – unless you travel smart and track down the sun without trekking across to the other side of the globe. The Canary Islands, for example, are barely four hours away, but temperatures are balmy all year round. Portugal’s Algarve, too, sees plenty of sun throughout the winter, even if it’s not quite roasting hot. Or try Marrakech in Morocco, where the weather’s cooler but the mercury can hit 20°C in December – perfect for exploring this magical North African city. And don’t forget to bring your Kindle – its anti-glare screen means you can read and soak up the rays at the same time. Bon voyage!


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