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Hotel Éclat Beijing: The Chinese Art Of Luxury

WHAT IS ITS AESTHETIC APPEAL? The tagline says it all – “Art of Luxury, Luxury of Art”. Hotel Eclat Beijing is as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside, its gleaming glass pyramid exterior housing an astounding collection of contemporary art, including works by Salvador Dali, Pierre Matter, and Andy Warhol, as well as more prominent local artists such as Zeng Fangzhi, Zhang Guolang, Chen Wen Ling, Gao Xiao Wu, Zou Liang and more. Painfully hip and fashionably chic with its modular-style furniture and futuristic lighting installations, the hotel’s 100 rooms are generously spacious, with many of them boasting private pools.

BEYOND ITS BEAUTIFUL WALLS? The hotel is located within the landmark Parkview Green, a massive development in the heart of Beijing’s CBD that offers a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that will occupy you for hours. Famed local landmarks such as The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Temple of Heaven Park are within a 30-minute radius.

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