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8 Reasons Why You Will Love Yunnan

1.WHATEVER TIME OF YEAR YOU GO, THE WEATHER WILL BE GREAT – As you’d expect from a geographic gateway leading into South and Southeast Asia, Yunnan Province benefits from a pleasant climate all year round. Even in winter, it averages 20°C. A typical altitude of 2,000m shields it from the climatic influences of the Pacific and Indian oceans, and the further south you journey the more you’ll be able to enjoy the reliable sunshine that enables an abundance of flora and fauna to thrive.

2. YUNNAN HAS AN EXCEPTIONAL HISTORY FOR YOU TO UNCOVER – For millennia, Yunnan has played an important part in the development of Chinese culture. In 279 BC, as the Western world was preparing for the rise of the Roman Empire, Yunnan’s oldest recorded civilisation – the Dian Kingdom – was established beside the grand Dianchi Lake. The sophistication of the tribes there meant that during the era of the Dali Kingdom, founded in 937 AD, the province was able to establish diplomatic relations with the Song Dynasty. It was also a significant stop-off point on the Silk Road – the ancient trading route that spanned from China to the Mediterranean.


3. THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE LANDSCAPES IS UNSURPASSED – Mountains account for 94% of Yunnan’s surface, making it one of the most visually arresting provinces in China. The scenery is split by the grandeur of the Lancang River, which flows continuously through Yunnan on its journey to the South China Sea. Crystal-clear lakes also provide a contrast to craggy views, with expanses of water such as Erhai, Lugu and Fuxian lakes offsetting the untamed landscape. There’s no shortage of vistas for keen photographers to capture.

4. IT’S THE PROVINCE WITH THE MOST BIODIVERSITY IN CHINA – With a terrain that ranges from 76 to 6,740m above sea level, Yunnan is able support a wide range of plants and animals. Alpine meadows and pine trees give way to palm-fringed pastures and large root trees, while snow-capped mountain peaks lead all the way down to the troughs of hot and humid valleys. You’ll also spot an array of wildlife including the elegant black-necked crane, the full-lipped Yunnan golden monkey, the majestic Asian elephant and the showy peacock. During migration season, the sky is filled with further exotic birdlife.


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