Baroque Rome – Navona and Campo

Top Attractions

Campo de’ Fiori

A bustling marketplace in the morning (Mon.–Sat. 8–1) and a trendy meeting place the rest of the day (and night), this piazza has plenty of earthy charm. By sunset, all the fish, fruit, and flower vendors disappear and this so-called piazza trasformista takes on another identity, becoming a circus of bars particularly favored by study-abroads, tourists, and young expats (for the full scoop, see our special photo feature, “Life is a Piazza”). Brooding over the piazza is a hooded statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake here in 1600 for heresy. His was the first of the executions that drew Roman crowds to Campo de’ Fiori in the 17th century. Intersection of Via dei Baullari, Via Giubbonari, Via del Pellegrino, and Piazza della Cancelleria, Campo | 00186.


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