Baroque Rome – Navona and Campo

Via Giulia

Still a Renaissance-era diorama and one of Rome’s most exclusive addresses, Via Giulia was the first street in Rome since ancient times to be laid out in a straight line. A stroll will reveal elegant palaces and old churches (one, San Eligio, at No. 18, reputedly designed by Raphael himself). The area around Via Giulia is a wonderful section to wander through and get the feel of daily life as carried on in a centuries-old setting. Remnant of a master plan by Michelangelo, the arch over the street was meant to link massive Palazzo Farnese, on the east side of Via Giulia, with the building across the street and a bridge to the Villa Farnesina, directly across the river. Finally, on the right and rather green with age, dribbles that star of many a postcard, the Fontana del Mascherone.


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