The Beautiful Smoky Mountains And 11 Reasons to Visit Them

smoky mountain
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Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is best known for its elegant beauty in North Carolina and Tennessee. It also happens to be the most visited national park in the US and remains popular with the outdoorsy types each year. So why should YOU pack up the family and head to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

…Besides the incredible landscapes, roaring cascades, huge rocks, and a chance to have a family adventure? The Smoky Mountains are a worthy getaway any time of year, and as a bonus, it’s also an affordable trip. This is one of the few national parks in the US that doesn’t charge an entrance fee.

While it’s fun and cheap to visit year-round, those who are picky and visit in April or May will be rewarded. After all, Shoulder Season is upon us, and it doesn’t get much better than this. Mild weather, empty hiking trails, and scene-stealing wildflowers are just a few great reasons to visit the Smokies. Let’s take a look at our 11 reasons you should visit The Great Smoky Mountains National Park as soon as possible!

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