10 Of The Most Iconic Monuments In The US

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Ellis Island Wasn’t Always The Only Way To Enter The US!

Due to increasing tensions with the British, American harbor cities were obligated to build forts for protection. New York City was no exception. Between 1808 and 1811, many forts were built to defend the harbor. Southwest Battery on Manhattan Island is among them. In 1817, the city renamed the fort Castle Clinton to honor Dewitt Clinton, the Mayor of New York.

During the next thirty years, over 8 million people entered the United States through Castle Clinton. Two out of every three immigrants to enter the United States in this period passed through here until it closed on April 18, 1890.

In 1946 it was freed from demolition and was restored to its original glory by the National Park Service. The place reopened in 1975 as Castle Clinton National Monument and today serves as a tourist hot spot.

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