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Las Vegas – An Unexpected Place to Park

The famous Las Vegas Strip is probably the last place you’d expect to find an eco-park but then again, when it comes to this city you never know what to expect. So on a recent visit I wasn’t all that surprised to find a brand new green oasis, I was however surprised at the gigantic sculp­ture that punctuates it!

The Park Vegasthe-park

The US $100 million development is simply called “The Park Vegas” and was built solely by MGM Resorts International. It’s secreted away between New York-New York and the Monte Carlo right on the Strip. It was built with locally sourced stones and is full of desert blooms, waterwalls and nature surrounded resting areas. Shade is provided by 16 giant sculptures inspired by the desert cactus flower. There are also half-a-dozen brand new eater­ies there with al fresco options. It has a very European café culture atmosphere, and that’s exactly what Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International had envisioned. On opening day last April 4th, 2016, he enlightened the media about its design. He said, “One common theme I’ve often noticed in my travels is that all those great cities have gathering places, piazzas, parks, plazas… I’ve long thought, in my 18 years here, that Las Vegas could use such a place.”

But the true enchantment there happens at night.


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