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Lake Placid, New York

The very words “Lake Placid” conjure images of soaring mountain ranges, serene crystal lakes, and deep, unspoiled forests

The quaint alpine resort village of Lake Placid is nestled amidst the northern Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York and offers spectacular views of the glorious High Peaks. The region affords an opportunity to experience a natural wilderness unlike any other. A constitutionally protected Forever Wild area, The Adirondack Park spans six million acres making it the largest park and publicly protected area in the contiguous United States.

Explore the quiet, wooded forests and climb the states tallest mountains. The extensive hiking trails of the High Peaks Wilderness in the Lake Placid region offer opportunities for outdoor adventurers of all skill levels. For those not keen on spending an entire day on a high-elevation excursion, there are plenty of far less lofty goals with equally rewarding returns.

Take a walk around the lake, or “ATL” as locals say when referring to the 2.7-mile walk that circumnavigates Mirror Lake. Fed by an underground tributary of the Chub River, from the surface the lake appears to have no inlet or outlet. Reliably calm with the exception of an occasional weather front, the pristine lake hosts the Ironman Lake Placid and recreational swimmers every summer. Winter finds Mirror Lake laden with natural ice skaters from amateur to competitive. Spectators are entertained by a number of annual skating shows held on the natural rink which also lends itself to pick-up hockey games.

Lake Placid has been hosting world-class events for more than too years, and is home to one of only two Olympic Training Centers in the United States. The area is also the training and event home base for the Ironman Lake Placid, two marathons, the long running Summit Lacrosse tournament, and Can Am Rugby.

One of the great rewards of a day spent playing hard in the Adirondacks is a leisurely evening. A sunset stroll down charming Main Street lined with an eclectic collection of retail shops and restaurants. Indulging in the culinary decadence of local eateries which offer traditional American cuisine, sustainable organic foods, and barbecue; from family-friendly dining to gourmet meals, the diverse selection is certain to satisfy.

There’s something in the Lake Placid air which evokes a healthy vibe, alive with adventure, recreation, arts, and amenities, Lake Placid offers travelers an opportunity to invent their own perfect day.lake-placid-1

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