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10 Mysterious US Locations Where People Inexplicably Vanish

Photo by John D Sirlin from Shutterstock

Superstition Mountains

Well… they are called the Superstition Mountains for a reason… The mountain range received this name from Spanish conquistadors, who basically ignored all the warnings from Apache Native Americans. They told them that the highest peak is sacred, calling it the home of the Thunder God.

Unsurprisingly, in the name of gold, the Spanish ventured themselves into that mountain area, refusing to believe the warnings. During their search, some went missing, eventually found dead a couple of days after.

There’s a legend saying that the Apache people believed that the entrance to the underworld is located somewhere in the Superstition Mountains. All in all, if you’re not after the gold, you should definitely plan a trip to the Superstition Mountains; they are impressive.

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1 thought on “10 Mysterious US Locations Where People Inexplicably Vanish”

  1. Betty Mydland

    When I lived in Reno back in 71/72 our pool hall group had their victory party here. I was in a 2 piece bathing suite from 8am to 6pm. I was so burnt I couldn’t walk for two weeks. Almost went into pneumonia. We water skied all day and little did I know that I was also 3 months pregnant. That was sooooo long ago,

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