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Halekulani, Hawaii (the Art Of Hospitality)

With its sought-after beachfront location, understated elegance, and exceptional personalized service, Halekulani is an oasis of luxurious tranquility in the heart of Waikiki.

The Commitment. There’s an unmistakable difference in the hospitality offered by Halekulani. A dedication to personalized service, a high staff-to-guest ratio, and a profound commitment to the extraordinary guest experience set the hotel apart. Guests can explore interesting and unique activities with programs such as “For You, Everything,” which offers (when available) complimentary tickets to local museums, the symphony, or seasonal film festivals. Whether it’s the award-winning cuisine, the healing island traditions at Spa Halekulani, or the rare encounters that leave you transformed, Halekulani promises to live up to its name: “House Befitting Heaven.”

The Legacy. Nearly 100 years ago, this island getaway was only a simple collection of bungalows dotting the shoreline of Waikiki’s breathtaking Gray’s beach. Today, with its unobstructed views of Diamond Head and open-air design that highlights the island’s unequaled splendor, Halekulani is among the most desired destinations in all of Hawaii. Chosen by Travel + Leisure readers as a top hotel in the World’s Best Awards every year since the survey’s inception, Halekulani is famed for its all-encompassing hospitality and cherished location. From the very beginning, the hotel has provided guests with an unparalleled experience of indulgent serenity amid the vibrant setting of Waikiki.halekulani-hawaii-2

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