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  • SIZE 2 square miles

Lundy is one of Britain’s great unsung treasures – a chunk of land between Devon and Pembrokeshire in the realm of shipwrecks and Atlantic squalls. It has a dramatic history to match: having been ruled by treasonous nobles, Moroccan pirates and not a few people who proclaimed themselves king (one as late as the 1920s).

Lundy, England
Lundy, England

Luckily it’s possible for anyone to pretend they’re the monarch of this island, with the Landmark Trust leasing out 23 properties around Lundy. Would-be kings should book in the Castle Keep Cottages, studious types in the Old School and those seeking isolation in Tibbetts, a tiny cabin poised on a remote cliff, from which 14 twinkling lighthouses can be seen on a clear night.

  • GETTING THERE – All depart from near Barnstaple in Devon, reachable by train from Exeter. Fly BA to London before connecting on AccesRail.

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