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The Desires of Dubai

Let’s take a look at what the beautiful Arabic city-state of Dubai has to offer its potential luxury-seeking visitors for the 2017 season, with a special focus on how this location caters to the increasing demand for cruising

Dubai is the host of rich culture and history as well as exquisite views and attractions, and Inspired Travel thinks this is the perfect destination for luxury-seeking holidaymakers to spend their next vacation. It is clear to see that Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular location for British holidaymakers looking for a luxurious break and, with its exceptional landmarks, scenery and lavish lifestyle, it’s clear to see why. Although it has always been a desired location for many holidaymakers, Dubai has become more and more popular overtime. It’s unusual and, quite frankly, very difficult to find a destination that hosts the best of both worlds, yet Dubai seems to have this down to a T with its fascinating desert and highly developed city overflowing with modern architecture immediately adjacent to each other – quite possibly the main reason as to why Dubai has become such a sought- after location for visitors with interests in all aspects of travelling.

The city is one of the seven United Arab Emirates and is well served by airlines, with direct flights from London taking under 7 hours, making the travelling experience a whole lot less daunting. As with any holiday location, Dubai has its best and worst times of the year to visit, although this depends on what you’re looking for during your trip. One of the best times to visit with regards to getting the most out of your money is during the months of June to August, as Dubai’s hotels and general facilities tend to offer a wider range of deals and discounts on accommodation and promotions on dining and attractions.

For those seeking the perfect holiday heat, you might assume that the best time of year to visit Dubai is during the hottest months; typically between April and October. However, during this time of the year, highs are in the 100s and, although rainfall is scarce, humidity levels rest around 90% or higher. Although weather like this might seem like somewhat of a privilege in comparison to the miserable British rain, it makes any outdoor activity – including even a relaxing day at the beach – almost unbearable. The best time of year to take a trip to Dubai, in terms of sensibility, is between the months of November and March. Although these are Dubai’s winter months, daily highs range from the upper 70s to the low 80s (around 20-30 degrees Celsius), making it the perfect time to sprawl out along the Persian Gulf’s white sands. You can also expect a few raindrops here and there, although this is almost always short

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