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Discover The Luxurious Side Of Abu Dhabi

Bord Eau

Bord Eau, located in Shangri-La Hotel, Abu Dhabi, is a fine reflection of just some of the international offerings available in this city. The French restaurant has won quite a number of accolades, including Restaurant of the Year in the BBC Good Food Awards. Diners repeatedly flock back to Bord Eau for the beautifully plated French fine dining. It is recommended that diners opt for the Blind Tasting Menus, a take on the japanese omakase style of dining where chefs prepare menus du jour, basing dishes around whatever fleeting fresh produce is available to the restaurant that day. Be sure to order one of their signature dessert creations to end the meal. The Vanilla and Grand Marnier Souffle, and Chocolate Extravaganza are classics not to be missed.

Bord Eau

Lebanese Flower

Even with four outlets strewn across the city, and opening hours from as early as 7am to 3 am daily, large crowds pack the eateries through the day. The Middle Eastern ‘fast food’ joint attracts a multinational clientele of city residents looking for value-for-money, quality Arabic food. Traditional favourites include generous plates of mezze, including traditional favourites such as chicken livers, fried haloumi (cheese) and tabouli (vegetarian tomato salad). Its biggest draw in recent years, however, is the shawarma, where large skewers of meat are grilled in a vertical rotisserie. Chefs then slice of portions of meat and stuff them in a tortilla wrap dressed liberally with a garlic sauce. At the Khalidiya branch, about 1,500 shawarma are sold every night.

St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Each of the hotel’s 283 rooms revels in a magnificent view of the alluring Abu Dhabi Corniche. Those willing to fork out a little extra, can book the Abu Dhabi Suite, located high on the skybridge between the two Nation Towers; the room has an astonishing 360° view of the metropolis. Apart from the usual offerings of continental cuisine, St. Regis Abu Dhabi also offers a once-in-a-lifetime ‘Brunch in the Clouds’ in the world’s highest suspended suite (Abu Dhabi Suite) fora culinary journey through each room -the cinema offers sweet treats and there is a dedicated caviar ice-bar and oyster room. In between tastings, guests can sojourn to the suite’s private spa for a shoulder massage.

St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace

The words ‘lavish’, ‘opulence’ and ‘palatial’ barely begin to scratch the surface of how magnificent the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi is. Stays here have been described as decadent and overwhelmingly grand due to its sheer size, 11418m-high domes, and suites decked in gold and marble. There is even more resplendence in its facilities – its two swimming pools are nestled within 85 hectares of manicured gardens. The luxury hotel was built to showcase Arabian culture and it shows in its fully Arabesque designs and motifs around the hotel and in all its 394 rooms and suites. Its restaurants also feature various Arabian cuisines, such as local Emirati dining at Mezlai Emirati Restaurant, and Lebanese cuisine in Mawal.

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