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OZO Wesley Hong Kong

Couple that with the prime business and commercial location, just 5 minutes walk to Wanchai or Admiralty MTR Station, and you will have an excellent pitstop to explore or do business in Hong Kong. OZO Wesley’s sense of style can be seen the moment you arrive at the entrance and step foot into the hotel’s spacious lobby. Waved wooden lines and furniture soften the hotel’s bright and clean white walls while bright red and shiny black decor give a stronger impact to the overall design. However, you wouldn’t have time to go through all the detail on your arrival as OZO’s paperless check-in will swiftly check you in in no time. With the largest OZO Suite spanning only 34 m, OZO may be small on paper, but it cleverly manages every inch for maximum functionality and comfort.

OZO Wesley Hong Kong

The blue and grey mural of Hong Kong’s skyline adds depth and the modern feel to the entire room while the bay window provides a perfect spot for enjoying a book and a cup of tea. Setting the design aside, OZO is internationally known for its attention to a restful sleep. Everything is designed to ensure quality sleep, from high-quality bed, box spring mattress, pillow menu, and super soft linen, to black out curtains to block out the sunlight, double glass windows to shield you from the bustling city noise, and even TV sleep timer with jumping sheep! Keeping the guest energized and ready for Hong Kong, serves a healthy breakfast buffet from 6.30 – 10.30 am daily; or you could go for a more convenient ready-to-go snack and freshly brewed coffee any day any time at EAT2Go.

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