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The Ultimate Guide For London’s Outdoors Touring

Canoe East London’s Canals – Hundreds of miles of ancient canals and waterways are found throughout London and are home to quirky houseboats, flocks of swans and shimmering dragonflies. Pathways stretch all along the banks, offering beautiful terrain for walking, cycling and angling. The best way to get under the skin of London’s canals is to get onto them. Secret Adventures offers outdoor activities in and around London and some of their most popular excursions are group canoeing trips on East London’s River Lea, the oldest canal in the city.

This six-kilometre expedition takes you from Limehouse through East London’s trendiest neighbourhoods all the way up to Hackney. You’ll paddle for two and a half hours and pass art warehouses, parks and the Olympic Village until your journey ends at Crate, one of the hip pest canal-side bars and restaurants in London. Other Secret Adventure canoeing trips take you through central London to London Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Ghost Walk – The best way to get to know a city is after all on foot. London Walks offers a variety of two-hour guided walks through the city, it costs 10 pounds per adult per walk and kids go for free. You don’t need to pre-book, simply show up at the allocated station and start walking. All walks are guided, scheduled throughout the week and include themes such as Jack the Ripper, Harry Potter, classic London, ghosts and Beatles.

Richmond Park
Richmond Park

Spot Deer In Richmond Park – Richmond Park, situated in southwest London, is a national nature reserve that is home to 630 red and fallow deer. Autumn is breeding season for the deer, which means that visitors flock from afar to see hefty stags compete for females by roaring, barking and clashing their antlers. The young are born between May and July and are vigorously protected in bracken and long grass by their mothers. Besides watching deer in action, Richmond is also a perfect choice for horse-riding, hiking, cycling and fishing.

Walk The 180-Mile Thames Path – The majestic Thames River is the focal point of London. Neighbourhoods are plotted based on their relation to the river and for centuries ships have sailed from afar right into the heart of London, it is the greatest river in all of England, starting in the Cotswolds and flowing for 294 kilometres into Southend-on-Sea. Thanks to excellent urban planning,a path stretches along its banks offering perfect ground for a gentle meander or a multi-day trek. The average walker takes two weeks to complete the entire trail, which is flat and easy to walk or cycle.

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