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Escape To Kaua’i

WITNESS A LEGENDARY COAST – The best view of the 3,000-foot cliffs of the Napali Coast is from the water. Hop in a catamaran or a high-powered raft, and if the conditions are right, the captain may stop for snorkeling.

SEE THE VIEW, FROM THE SKY – For a bird’s-eye view that reveals why Hollywood can’t get enough of Kaua’i’s paradisiacal treasures (think Blue Hawaii, Jurassic Park, and The Descendants), take a helicopter ride over the island’s unspoiled landscapes.

TAKE A ROAD TRIP – A road trip should always be on the vacation to-do list, especially when the destination is 3,567-foot-deep Waimea Canyon. Dubbed “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” this geologic wonder boasts colorful eroded cliffs in a natural palette of green, orange, red, and brown.

GOLF LIKE THE PROS – Golfers: If the names Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones, Jr., ring a bell, then you should know that both PGA legends designed signature courses right here on Kaua’i.

The Kawa’i waterfall offers tourists an unforgettable view owing to the nature surrounding it.

EXPLORE WATERWAYS – Water lovers should consider kayaking along the Wailua River, one of Hawaii’s only navigable rivers. Want more? Go for a two-mile tube ride down a rainwater irrigation ditch-which, in certain sections, is pitch-black.

TRY WAVE-RIDING – Kaua’i is blessed with epic surf spots on every shore. If you’re eager to paddle out, sign up for a lesson with a pro-and revel in your victory when you first stand up.

GO OFF-ROADING OR ZIP-LINING – Adrenaline junkies in need of a white-knuckle fix should consider zip-lining over a rain forest. If heights are an issue, go off-road exploring through lush jungles in an ATV.

ACT LIKE A PANIOLO, OR HAWAIIAN COWBOY – For a relaxing activity, explore Kaua’i’s incredible landscapes on horseback. Ride through a sugarcane field, discover a working cattle ranch, or witness a cascading waterfall.

LEARN TO HULA – At an island luau, you can try poi (pounded taro root) and a coconut pudding called haupia— both are staples of the Hawaiian diet. If you’re feeling brave, dancers can take you on stage to teach you how to hula.

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