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BEST FOR… Cheap sand, Maldivian culture

WHY GO? This may not be the best beach in the Maldives, or the most secret. But the beauty of bumming around on Fuvahmulah is that you can get there by yourself: this still-spectacular spot is an inhabited isle, not a private resort, peopled with actual Maldivians rather than just foreign honeymooners.

WHAT TO DO: Meet people! Wander the perfect sand, dip in the Indian Ocean and take advantage of the Maldives’ most authentic beach break.

Romantic wedding on the beach – Fuvahmulah

WHILE YOU’RE THERE: Delve into the verdant interior, home to Buddhist relics and inland lakes.

GET THERE: Fly from Male to Addu Atoll (1hr), then another flight out to Fuvahmulah (20 mins, busy with commuting traffic at weekends).

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