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The Best Of Florida’s Culinary Treats

Classic Cuisine – The best place to start your culinary tour is with some of the city’s historic favorites. Joe’s Stone Crab dates back more than a century, when Joe Weiss opened a lunch counter in 1913. Head to this South Beach institution for Key lime pie and, of course, stone crab. Caffe Abbracci has a shorter history, but since opening in 1989 this Coral Gables restaurant has become a favorite with locals for its traditional Italian dishes. The Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & La tarn Grill in Coconut Grove offers an overview of the very best Latin American dishes—its ceviche sampler is a delicious culinary lesson.

Neighborhood Watch – Little Havana is the best place to sample Cuban cuisine short of heading to the island itself. Wander along Calle Ocho and order Cuban sandwiches, mamey and gunabana juices, and guava pastries. Goat and griot—pork cooked with citrus and peppers—are on the menu in Little Haiti. You can visit both neighborhoods on your own and there’s no need to speak Spanish or Creole to order some delicious dishes. Or you can sign up with a popular walking tour like those offered by Miami Food Tours or Miami Culinary Tours.

The traditional Cuban cuisine is filled with unforgettable flavors and unique recipes that create an amazing experience.

Stars Are Shining – With a variety of ingredients close at hand, from produce to the bounty of the sea, and adventurous diners eager to try the latest dishes, it’s no surprise that many Miami chefs are among the most celebrated in the world. Doug Rodriguez was a trailblazer, combining Latin American and Caribbean flavors, reflecting Miami’s cosmopolitan culture. Taste his signature ceviches and paella at De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean. Michelle Bernstein also emphasizes Latin flavors at the new Seagrape, her first South Beach venture. The James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz helms the kitchen at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District, where good food and a laid-back atmosphere meet.

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