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BEST FOR… Penguins, more penguins, wow-factor

WHY GO? Simply, penguins. Over 100,000 kings (the second-largest species) gather on this raucous beach, squawking and waddling before a landscape of fearsome mountains and creaky glaciers.

WHAT TO DO: Sit down – you’re not supposed to get within 5m of the penguins, but the curious birds will often approach you.

Salisbury Plain is among the most outstanding places in South Georgia thanks to its scenery and wild animals.

WHILE YOU’RE THERE: Immerse yourself in the Shackleton story – retrace some of the explorer’s footsteps by walking from Fortuna Bay to Stromness; visit the Shackleton museum and grave at Grytviken.

GET THERE: Some cruises from Ushuaia, Argentina, include stops at South Georgia, en route to Antarctica.

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