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Enjoy The Best Of Life’s Beauty On Silversea Expeditions

Watching a polar bear glide through Arctic waters is a breathtaking moment – one that requires hours of icy patience. And, on most expedition cruises, you’ll return to the ship freezing cold before being crammed into shared quarters, forking out extra to warm your cockles with a glass of champagne and a hearty meal.

However, with Silversea Expeditions and its fleet of three ships, you can enjoy that once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the post-event frills thrown in. They know that adventure doesn’t have to mean roughing it and as such you can expect complimentary alcohol, 24-hour room service and ocean-views as standard: perfect for adventurous travellers with discerning tastes. And Silversea offers all of this while covering 12 of the world’s remotest regions, accompanied by 011-board lecturers, knowledgeable expedition leaders and information ratified by the Royal Geographical Society.

Polar explorer – You’ll be dwarfed by azure-sculpted icebergs as you scan the Northwest Passage, searching for walruses, polar bears and the elusive Arctic fox. Roam the remotest parts of the Arctic Circle in never-ending daylight, or listen to the cries of the blue whale while traversing Antarctica. For a European flavour, journeys around Scotland, Norway and Iceland promise deep fjords, vast glaciers and a wealth of cetaceans. If an ice safari isn’t your thing, the Explorer also visits Latin America and the tropical islands of the Pacific – like Fiji and Tahiti.

Sail into a frosty wilderness on the purpose-built Silver Explorer.

Glorious Galapagos – The Galapagos Islands are like no place on earth. See the dancing blur of the blue-footed booby or gaze upon the infamous Galapagos tortoise making its gentle journey across this volcanic archipelago. Aboard the Silver Galapagos you can choose from two itineraries to explore this remote destination and its abundant wildlife. The 100-guest vessel is ideal for in-depth exploration: scan the skies for avian wonders at Genovesa Island; take in the radiant red rock cliffs of Santa Cruz; and swim with sea lions at Espanola’s Gardner Bay.

Depths of the Pacific – Launching this month, the Silver Discoverer is the perfect platform for viewing the landscapes of Southeast Asia, The Kimberley, The New’ Zealand Sub-Antarctic, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and the Russian Far East. You’ll get close to rugged coastlines, pass breaching whales and pods of dolphins, and explore secluded Pacific shores courtesy of 12 inflatable Zodiacs. Meanwhile, more than 126 species of bird – including penguins and nesting seabirds – await you on the five island groups that make up The New Zealand Sub-Antarctic. And at the end of a tiring day exploring, you can return to make the most of the ship’s little luxuries: think butler service, wine and rich cuisine. Let Silversea satisfy the wild adventurer in you – and then spoil them a little afterwards.

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