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Talana Museum, Battlefield & Heritage Park

Stand in the African sun on Talana battlefield, which once reverberated with the sounds of war as the first battle of the Anglo Boer began, and let your imagination take you back to past events. Today our battlefield is silent. Lonely monuments, a quiet cemetery and a magnificent museum are an enticing doorway into our history and the many reminders of our heritage. Talana is a large, multi-faceted museum where exhibits are housed in 23 different buildings on the 40 acre property. Afounder of Dundee, Peter Smith, farmed and mined coal on this site. His restored home and farm buildings house cultural, military, agricultural and transport displays. Historic buildings of the district have been the inspiration for many of the buildings on the property.


  • A comprehensive range of archival material relating to the town and local families, the region, coal mining and military conflicts.
  • Quality locally produced products in the Museum Shop.
  • Delicious meals in the Miners’ Rest cottage.
  • A Memorial Wall of Peace and Reconciliation constructed in 1999.
  • Parklike gardens, prolific birdlife and indigenous frees.
  • 4 Conference venues
  • Guides for historical and educational tours of the museum and surrounding battlefields.
  • Historical walking trail across the battlefield and Talana hill.
  • Heritage weekend with re-enactment of the battle annually in October.
  • A superb bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi. This memorial offers a place of quiet contemplation and reflection of his contribution to humanity.

KWAKUNJE! CULTURAL VILLAGE is a traditional Zulu village whose name translates as “It was like this”. It is a living monument to Zulu culture and tradition. A taste of the culture is presented as visitors view exhibits and take time to sit on animal skins in the cool, circular thatched structures while local guides and storytellers describe the importance of customs, crafts, and heritage within the Zulu culture. Tours and interactive presentations can be structured to suit individuals or tour groups. Traditional meals are also available on request. Our history is displayed for your education and enjoyment so come and join us as we remember and respect our past and the men and women who made it.

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