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Savouring the Best of Korea

Tuck into authentic cuisine, shop to your heart’s content, and visit the ancient buildings that form the 5,000 year foundation of Korea’s magnificent history

“Hallyu”, also known as the Korean entertainment and popular culture wave, has gained a steady worldwide audience for a while now. But apart from the electrifying entertainment scene, South Korea is also a dazzling destination for vacations. If you are one who loves to seek out good food, embark on a shopping spree (especially for all things beauty and fashion related) or simply to educate yourself on the rich history within the temple and palace walls; this is the place to be. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cities and attractions for you to discover.

Busan (above) is famed as Northeast Asia’s perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and modern infrastructure. A multitude of cultural experiences await you. Take a visit to Busan modern history museum and learn of the Japanese Aggression that took place in the recent past of the city or visit Gamcheon cultural village, houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain. Some even nicknamed this the “Macchu Picchu of Busan” or the “Santorini of Asia”. Since it is a port city, fresh seafood is available all year round at attractive prices so prepare your tummies for the very best.

Gyeongju was once the royal capital of Silla, one of the world’s longest sustained ancient dynasties. Naturally, the city transformed into a museum without walls as the architectures withstood the test of time. Bulgasa Temple should be the first attraction you visit. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an architectural masterpiece of Buddhist temple art from the unified Silla era. Make sure you try hwangnam-ppang, Gyeongju bread, before leaving this historical city. This local speciality is made of pastry and red bean paste, best for the sweet-toothed.gyeongju-south-korea


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