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The Cup Runneth Over

Wine holidays in India – Hic to that!

Sula Vineyards. It pioneered wine production in the Nashik region and, subsequently, revolutionised the Indian wine industry. Today, it is not only a market leader, but an estate worth the visit. In February, head down for the famous Sulafest music extravaganza. Otherwise, enjoy a luxurious stay in one of their Sky Villas, while indulging in tours and tasting sessions.

Grover Zampa. Another prolific wine estate and one of India’s oldest, its 410-acre vineyards are located in the Nandi Hills near Bengaluru. It produces the fine Zampa and is especially proud of its La Reserve. While accommodation isn’t provided, a day-long tour including lunch and wine tasting guarantees a heady experience.

Fratelli Wines. Three pairs of brothers came together to give birth to Fratelli Wines in 2006. Located in Solapur district in Maharashtra, the 240-acre estate brings in the best of Italian and Indian winemaking traditions to produce Chardonnays, Sauvignons and other fine wine varieties.

Chateau D’Ori. It’s just been nine years since its first harvest and the estate has already come a long way. The vineyards have been nurtured under the guidance of renowned oenologist Athanese Fakorellis.

York Winery and Tasting Room. Here’s a Nashik wine estate that seems right out of a painting, with its picturesque location and stunning view of the nearby dam. You can enjoy a meal in their restaurant known as ‘Cellar’ and assimilate various wine flavours at their tasting room.

Vallonné Vineyards. At this very picturesque estate in Nashik, you can sip your wine while dining at a lake-facing restaurant by the well-regarded Malaka Spice. After that, you may retire to your room, which promises a breathtaking view.

Soma Vine Village. Calling it a ‘vine village’ is a bit modest. After all, Soma boasts of a resort with attractions such as an adventure park, a spa, numerous dining options, entertainment rooms and some classy pool villas. Tours and tastings take place seven days a week.

Blackbuck Vineyard. Located in Karnataka, Blackbuck is a humble wine estate for both the connoisseur as well as anyone looking to relax. It provides executive rooms that include meals and free wine tastings. Of course, a tour of the estate and a visit to Blackbuck Forest makes it a rather sweet deal. Oh, and you can actually take part in grape stomping here!

Heritage Winery. Here’s another wine estate that shows how Karnataka’s climate and soil conditions are just perfect for wine production. Its wine education tour has a lot to offer – a tour around the vineyards and winery, wine tasting and even grape stomping.

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